It’s actually called Chapati, but chapatayy is more fun. Chapati is basically like our version of Naan I guess? Anyway here we go. Necessary Items: Water Flour Olive oil (or any type whatevs) Salt 1. Heat up some water (not sure why, they just did it so do it) and mix it with flour in … More CHAPATAYYY

Hey all! I have been put in my place when it comes to thinking I know all there is to know about Tanzania. The amount of things I have learned in the past two weeks is just too much to put into words, but I’ll try to name a few.


Only a handful of updates so far, if I tell you everything it takes away my mystery and your intrigue, right? The Catholic hostel we’re staying in is breathtaking. Despite my attempt to arrive with no expectations, I think it’s nearly impossible to avoid drawing from past experiences. While the village I’ve stayed in before … More A FEW THINGS

You know what? 20 hours on a plane is hard. There are about, oh, maybe a million things I could complain about in this moment, in hour 10 (hour 2 of listening to the poor child a few rows up testing their lung capacity), but I’m not gonna. Instead, here are 7 things I am … More


Oh, was I not typing that into the Google search bar? Because if I’m being real y’all, I have no idea. I cut all my hair off, that’s something people do to get ready for a big trip, right? No? Just me? Right. Well, I’ve made approximately 237 lists of things to buy, remember, pack, … More WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU’RE LEAVING THE COUNTRY FOR 2 MONTHS