It’s me again, your favorite Georgian-gone-Tanzanian! This week we saw SO MANY THINGS. 1. We went on safari in Ngorongoro Crater. I got crazy close to some zebras and some hippos (which were actually quite intimidating). I’ve been on safari before but every time is so different because you never know what you’re going to … More SAFARI TAKE 3

Good morning y’all! (I miss hearing y’all, this is the first time I’ve been the most southern person in a group ever…) In the past week we’ve gone from Kilimanjaro to Dar Es Salaam to Zanzibar! In Dar we visited former slave trade routes, the chapel that David Livingstone’s body was placed in before it … More


It’s actually called Chapati, but chapatayy is more fun. Chapati is basically like our version of Naan I guess? Anyway here we go. Necessary Items: Water Flour Olive oil (or any type whatevs) Salt 1. Heat up some water (not sure why, they just did it so do it) and mix it with flour in … More CHAPATAYYY

Hey all! I have been put in my place when it comes to thinking I know all there is to know about Tanzania. The amount of things I have learned in the past two weeks is just too much to put into words, but I’ll try to name a few.


Only a handful of updates so far, if I tell you everything it takes away my mystery and your intrigue, right? The Catholic hostel we’re staying in is breathtaking. Despite my attempt to arrive with no expectations, I think it’s nearly impossible to avoid drawing from past experiences. While the village I’ve stayed in before … More A FEW THINGS

You know what? 20 hours on a plane is hard. There are about, oh, maybe a million things I could complain about in this moment, in hour 10 (hour 2 of listening to the poor child a few rows up testing their lung capacity), but I’m not gonna. Instead, here are 7 things I am … More


Oh, was I not typing that into the Google search bar? Because if I’m being real y’all, I have no idea. I cut all my hair off, that’s something people do to get ready for a big trip, right? No? Just me? Right. Well, I’ve made approximately 237 lists of things to buy, remember, pack, … More WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU’RE LEAVING THE COUNTRY FOR 2 MONTHS