Yes, tis I, the ghoster. To the two people who consistently follow my blog, I’m terribly sorry that I haven’t posted in so long. This semester was quite possibly the most hectic 4 months of my life. If someone asked me to describe this first third of 2018 in 500 words or less, I could … More

Ooowee, look at that Moody family circa 2010! You just can’t find hats like those now-a-days. Click to read more about our trip to Israel! … More

Hey everybody! I’ll be honest. I was GOING to post a DIY yesterday and be all cute, but then I realized one of the steps took 8 hours. I was *not* willing to watch my oven for 8 hours, so here are 5 new things going on in my life instead!

Today I want to share with you all the story of my tattoo.

  I was hesitant to name this second photo after an entire continent for fear of generalizing, but I feel the statements that follow can be true for many African countries.

Two posts in one day, whaatttt? It must be Giving Tuesday.


Long time no see guys! If you’re reading this, that means you’ve seen the new theme I’ve got going on my blog. I’ve revamped the purpose of my blog now, too! I’m planning on posting things semi-regularly, things like recipes, neat places, and funny stories. SO, that being said, I am totally fine and not … More THE BEE


It’s actually called Chapati, but chapatayy is more fun. Chapati is basically like our version of Naan I guess? Anyway here we go. Necessary Items: Water Flour Olive oil (or any type whatevs) Salt 1. Heat up some water (not sure why, they just did it so do it) and mix it with flour in … More CHAPATAYYY