As I was preparing to recount this trip, I realized, I can’t remember what we did on what day. Because this trip was eight years ago. So we’re going to structure this by talking about the specific things we did rather than the order of events! I counted, and there’s about 15 significant place we went to/experienced, so each week we’ll talk about 3-4!

This week the line-up is:




Exciting, right? Here we go!

The Zohar Wadi

First, an explanation. A wadi is a channel that dries up except during rainy season.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, this is the Zohar Wadi:

For some reason, our group leader thought it would be a good idea to take a bunch of middle-aged Baptists (and two teenagers) hiking through the 117° heat to the top of this wadi, just for kicks.

To be clear, 20 year old Emily would enjoy this immensely.

12 year old Emily did not.

I remember filling my Camelbak with Crystal Light punch-flavored water and almost immediately regretting that decision as we started to hike up the trail.

In all seriousness, it really was an amazing hike, and it was so cool to experience the Judean wilderness. I think it was personally a big accomplishment too, because prior to this, hiking in the blazing sun wasn’t really an option due to some health issues I had growing up, but that’s another story! Point is, this was my first time doing some pretty strenuous outdoor activity and it went really well, minus all the sweating and soreness.


Hermon Springs

Hermon Springs was where the Pagan gods were worshipped. It flows from the cave of Pan, a Greek god associated with nature and sexuality. It was not uncommon for people to sacrifice their children to the gods by throwing them into the cave. As far as history goes, it doesn’t have a super pleasant background, but the spring and river themselves are really beautiful. Everything is green and lush and the sound of the water quietly flowing from the bedrock is so calming. God really shines in places of darkness. Because I was 12, I didn’t get a ton of pictures from the springs. I remember thinking it was kind of boring, because, you know, who likes nature? Ah how times have changed.


The Bell Caves

This was one of the coolest things we got to see, in my opinion. The bell caves are located in Beit Guvrin National Park (which is a wonderful name for a national park).

While we were there, our group leader led us in some songs, which was mind-blowing because of the echoes of the cave. The acoustics were jamming. Dad helped me climb up some of the rocks, so I perched up there on my rock throne for a bit before realizing I couldn’t get back down, because I am a small individual. I don’t really remember how I got down, but I’m not up there now so I know I must’ve.


Those are all the recaps for this week! I know I didn’t go into super-detail for alot of it, but, give me a break, it was 8 years ago. You’re lucky I still have the pictures. I’m really enjoying reminiscing on all these pictures and memories, so thank you all for allowing me to do so! As always, love you guys lots.



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