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So, alot has happened since we last talked about the internship Fransuave and I have in Muheza, Tanzania this summer.

-My mom has decided she’s coming for the first half of the trip, so we’re spending some time with her and going to Angel House which I am SO excited for, I can’t wait to see all the kids!

-We’re leaving 15 DAYS EARLIER, which moves up my timeline a bunch and I’m not freaking out about it at all.

-We’ve applied to a ton of scholarships to try and get funding for the trip.

-I’m spending my birthday in ZANZIBAR!!

Basically, planning and conducting research on your own is much harder than I anticipated, but the process has been a huge growing experience. It’s added a new dimension to my relationship with Fransuave because we’re learning how to develop research together, which is honestly a whole new ball field. It’s made Google translate my best friend because no matter how many summers I have spent in Tanzania, I still don’t know how to say ‘confidential’ or ‘participation.’ And it’s made me exponentially more excited to be in Tanzania because the more editing and translating and research we do, the more I start to realize that this is actually happening. To clarify exactly what Fransuave and I will be doing…

In June, after my mom leaves, Fransuave and I will be picked up by employees of Ubwari Field Station and driven to the lab. It’s about a 6 hour drive from Moshi (where we will be) to Muheza (where the lab is located).

We’ll announce to the lab members that we’re doing research on job satisfaction in order to improve their work-life and the lab overall, and that we would love to interview them about their experiences in the lab if they’re willing. We’ll schedule individual interviews and get to know the lab members. I somehow have to learn to say all of this in Swahili, because a very small amount of the employees actually speak English.

We’ll conduct in-person interviews about the individual’s job satisfaction and record their responses. We’ve got about 6 questions we know we want to ask so far, and we’re hoping to have a total of 12 questions by the time we finalize our questionnaire. I also have to translate these into Swahili. After the interview we’ll give the participant a survey to complete, which will be additional data to supplement the interviews.

I’ll translate the interviews and Fransuave will turn that qualitative data into quantitative data through some fancy math and statistical analysis.

We’ll present our results to Alex, the Gates Malaria Partnership research fellow who manages the lab. She is encouraging us to get our results published, because if she can show the directors of the lab published research it would signify hard conclusions and would make it difficult for the directors to refute what we find. Alex is hoping that our research will help the directors realize that in order to increase job performance, some serious work needs to be done to help the employees improve their job satisfaction first.

We will officially be finished with the data collection by July 5, SO, for my birthday, Fransuave and I are going to spend the weekend in Zanzibar!! For those of you who may not know, Zanzibar is a tiny little island off the coast of Tanzania and it is a freaking paradise. I am SO pumped that we’ll get to relax a bit after doing all the front-end stuff for our research.

I know this post has been long, but I wanted you guys to know a little bit more about where/what exactly we’ll be doing this summer and how stinking awesome God is for making all of this fall into place so well! If you want to see what the area surrounding the lab looks like, National Geographic wrote an article about Ubwari’s sister lab right down the road. Click here to read the article/look at the pictures of where we’ll be!

Love y’all, thank you for being so invested in what’s going on!

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