I was hesitant to name this second photo after an entire continent for fear of generalizing, but I feel the statements that follow can be true for many African countries.

Africa is full of contradictions. Dry, soil-sucked regions lie adjacent to tropical, life-filled forests. Buzzing urban areas are mere miles away from mud hut villages. South Africa holds some of the richest people in the world, and Central Africa some of the poorest.


Despite the extremities, life thrives. Africa may be seen by many as a Dark Continent, but within its depths lies power. That life and that power rests inside its people. Its people shine and have time and time again proven they will not resign by continuing to push and grow in a place of contradiction. A land of sorrow and joy, of dark and light. Somehow, the contradictions of this continent blend and work together to create a place like no other.
The origin story of humanity.

The Alkebulan.


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