Happy (late) New Years!


I hope you guys liked watching those vlogs (AKA video blog) as much as I liked making them. Probably not, I probably had more fun. I’m thinking of posting a vlog every now and then, so if you DID happen to like them, stick around!

Onto the meat of this post: resolutions. Those (mostly) empty promises we swear to follow through with every single year. Every single year without fail, at least for me, these iron clad “betterment-of-self” statements I’d had every intention of keeping fall flat, and I end up right back where I started on December 31. So, my question is this:

How do I keep resolutions I know are good for me when all I want to do is fall back into old, easy habits?

The answer to this question is different for everyone, but in my case, part of the solution is to think bigger.

Resolution: Eat healthy.Β Downfall:Β Chik-fil-a french fries.

Resolution:Β Exercise.Β Downfall: Willpower and lack-thereof.

Resolution:Β Use technology less.Β Downfall:Β Netflix (duh).

All of these resolutions, while sound, are too specific. Little resolutions lead to little things I let slip that cause a big downfall. I tend to focus on one singular area and then think too much about it, causing my eventual failure by overthinking and convincing myself that the resolution is either unnecessary or the resolution-breaker is absolutely required.

After mulling through all the broken promises I made myself each year, I noticed a theme.


Not an “I need more food because I’m so starving” type of hunger, but a hunger for life. I resolved to eat better because I want to discover the joy of healthy cooking. I resolved to go to the gym because I want to physically be capable of more. I resolved to use less technology because I want to enjoy the world around me. I want to be hungry.

So that’s what I’ve resolved to strive for in this beautiful new year. And for some reason, this year, I feel like this seemingly impossible resolution will stick. I will be hungry for friendships and God and health and peace and life. I will be hungry for a change in myself.

Β What are you hungry for?


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