Two posts in one day, whaatttt? It must be Giving Tuesday.

Just a quick note because I wanted to give you all another opportunity to give if you’re unsure of a charity/person/thing you’d like to give to today!

Most of you know, but a few years ago mom and I started a nonprofit charity called Talents Empowered. The name comes from the book of Matthew, Chapter 25. Our goal is to empower people who demonstrate a keen desire to use their talents to empower people. Talents Empowered provides scholarships to students in Tanzania who cannot afford higher level education, supports Hope Clinic in Guinea, and partners with local missions in Perry, Georgia. Currently, we’re trying to support a young man in Moshi, Tanzania and his efforts to attend seminary school. I met Abdon this summer. He is an amazing individual and is so worthy of the Talents Empowered Scholarship.

You can help Abdon fulfill his dream of becoming a priest by donating to Talents Empowered. Here is the link to our webpage:, where you’ll find a donate button and more information about the organization.

If you’re looking to give today (or anytime), consider Talents Empowered. Empower yourself through empowering others. You won’t regret it. (2)

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