Hey all! Guess what?!

I’M GOING TO TANZANIA THIS SUMMER WOO!! I know, I know, shocking, seeing as I’m basically there at least once a year.

BUT, this time is going to be different!

I’ll explain.

This past summer I met with a fellow of the Gates Malaria Partnership, and she offered an internship opportunity to me and my SO (significant other), Fransuave, at a lab in Muheza, Tanzania.

Muheza is that tiny circle by the coast

This lab works on malaria research, so we literally get to help the employees of the lab find cures for different strains of malaria. HOW COOL IS THAT?! (Here’s the lab webpage in case you’re curious: https://www.nimr.or.tz/research-centres/amani-research-centre/)

While there, we are also going to conduct our own independent research centered around job satisfaction. We chose this topic to study because we are both Psychology majors and are both interested in improving the lives of individuals in a workplace setting.

Just casually out here doing big things, getting stuff done, being super research-y and awesome.

All that being said, it isn’t a paid internship. We’ll be staying in a guest house attached to the lab, so our cost of living will be very low, but trust me when I say plane tickets do not come cheap. Seriously, you can travel to Australia for cheaper. I know, I checked.

Fransuave is on his A-game (of course, he’s incredible,) and has already created a GoFundMe page to raise money for his plane ticket and some expenses of the trip. If you’d like to donate to help Fransuave pay for this internship, here’s the link:   https://www.gofundme.com/malaria-research-internship

UPDATE: I realized I didn’t give any information about Fransuave! Franz is a Psych major too, and is in his third year at UGA. He currently works 2 extremely impressive jobs (like literally he gives the president of UGA current news updates in one of them) and has taken student loans out to help pay for rent and tuition. Fransuave is one of the most responsible, hardworking people I have ever met in my entire life. He is ambitious and basically a genius and is definitely worth any donations given. Trust me, this guy’s resume sells itself. I’m incredibly fortunate to be dating such an amazing man.

Be on the lookout, I’ll be selling handcrafted items and odds-and-ends soon to raise money for myself!

It is Giving Tuesday, so I wanted to post this today, but if you don’t feel lead to give or don’t feel you’re able to, that’s totally okay! I appreciate you so much for keeping up with me and the things Franz and I are doing. I am so thankful for all of you, God really allows this blog to bless me because of you guys. It not only connects me to people I otherwise may not be able to contact, but it really makes me feel loved by all the people who take the time to read my posts.

I love you all, and I can’t wait to update everyone on this exciting life development!



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