Long time no see guys! If you’re reading this, that means you’ve seen the new theme I’ve got going on my blog. I’ve revamped the purpose of my blog now, too! I’m planning on posting things semi-regularly, things like recipes, neat places, and funny stories. SO, that being said, I am totally fine and not going to be sad at all if you decide to unsubscribe.

Onto the subject of this post: bees.

But first, a backstory.

I applied for an internship mid-September at a clinic near campus. They provide legal advice, self/marriage therapy, nutritional assistance, and financial planning. An ideal internship for me, as I want to go into counseling (eventually.) (maybe.) (who knows where Emily’s life is going?) (If you know could you tell me please and thank you). After I submitted my resume I got an email back asking to schedule an interview time. Heck yes, second round, go Em, you rock, thoughts showered my ego. Day of, I put on my power pants and nervously talked through a stereotypical, question and answer interview. I left thinking I did pretty well and felt confident about my chances.

Flash forward to two days ago. I was being a good little student and sitting in on a Career Center program when I happened to glance down at my phone. Okay, it was a long glance. Okay I was scrolling through Instagram. I never said I was a star student, just a good one. Anyway, as I was scrolling past yet another “TBT” of someone wishing it was still summer, I got an email.

I didn’t get a spot for the internship.

I knew as soon as I read the “there was an overwhelmingly strong group of candidates” line. Those you rock feelings circled the drain and disappeared just as quickly as I’d let them quench my thirst for approval.



The girl next to me on the bus ride home that afternoon had her (very) large book bag shoved into my seat, and made no attempt to allow me space as I scooched myself into the spot. On left turns, I struggled to stay in the seat. On right turns, I did my best to let gravity push me further into the seat but this girl must’ve liked personal space or something because she was not budging.

And then: a bee.

We spotted it at almost the same time, buzzing profusely against the window, trying in vain to free itself from the crowded bus. The girl immediately scooted closer to me and simultaneously moved her bag to the ground to gain further distance between herself and the poor bug. We watched the startled and fearful reactions of our fellow riders, laughing to ourselves as the bee made its way through the bus.

This bee gave me a bus seat.

This bee gave me conversation with a girl I had previously pinned as rude.

This bee gave us both laughter.

We have very fickle feelings when it comes to bees. We’re all for saving them and we know they’re important but as soon as they enter our comfort zone we’re ready to kill. If bees let how we think of them govern their thoughts and actions, I’d venture to say we’d have very few flowers and way more bee stings. But they don’t. They keep doing their thing, content to pollenate and make honey. So why do we let ups and downs govern our thoughts and actions?

Yes, okay, I know bees don’t quite feel emotions the same way we do, but the concept doesn’t change. God created us for a purpose: to be light in a dark world and to make sure it’s known that the light comes from Him. Our thoughts and actions should come from this purpose, not from the turmoil of everyday life. I want to focus on my purpose and let God figure out the other stuff. I don’t want to worry about who said what and what is thought of me. I know my purpose, and that is enough.

Today, I’m going to strive to be like a bee. I think there are worse things to bee. (2)

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