Every week so many things happen and every week I can’t decide what’s most important to post!

This week, we went to a very American restaurant and I ordered a quesadilla and cake and fries. Input something about lack of self control here. In class, we learned all the necessary terms to communicate to a doctor whether you’ve got a headache, malaria, or the squirts! At my (new) homestay, we visited their farm, their law office, and the seamstress. Our homestay mom, Janeth, is absolutely incredible. She’s written 7 books, teaches Sunday school for the kids in the neighborhood on Sunday afternoon, works in her own law office, and runs a farm in her spare time. In many ways she reminds me of my actual mom.

Mama Janeth in her office with her two phones

I think meeting an empowered woman was much needed, and it’s very encouraging to see that not all families participate in cultural norms. I’m learning a lot about the power of a woman, and the power within myself. When I walk along the street and every person who passes stares unapologetically because of the color of my skin, my first instinct is to lower my head and get to my destination as fast as possible. But getting to know a woman like Janeth in this environment reminds me that to be different is to be free. My uniqueness was given to me by my Creator and that is my freedom. He calls me to walk with my head high, because He has made me royalty. So I will not falter under your stare, thank you very much. Your opinion of me does not erase me because I am sure of who I am in God: a precious, powerful, princess.

In regards to the termites: I’ve discovered I actually quite like termites. There’s a bathroom on campus that is home to a clan of them, and every day they build tiny tunnels along the edges of the floor. Every day, the staff comes and brushes their tunnels away (which of course is necessary). But each time, they just pick up the pieces and start again. Resilient little suckers. I admire them for this. Tiny but powerful. Seemingly insignificant but if you don’t pay attention before you know it they’ve built an entire kingdom right under your nose. I’ve discovered recently that I am many things. I think one of those things is a termite. Pay attention. (2)


  1. Yes you have always been determined. True determination takes a certain stubbornness, a certain doggedness, and you possess it. The tough obstacles require determination to overcome.


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