It’s actually called Chapati, but chapatayy is more fun. Chapati is basically like our version of Naan I guess? Anyway here we go.

Necessary Items:



Olive oil (or any type whatevs)


1. Heat up some water (not sure why, they just did it so do it) and mix it with flour in a bowl. They don’t have measuring cups, so just guesstimate how much water and flour you need?

2. Heat up some oil (again, no measurements and I don’t know why it’s necessary) and add it into the mixture. This helps make the dough soft and pliable

3. Roll the dough into balls, like so

4. Shake some flour on a tray (or literally anything you can put flour on…a plate, the counter, your dog. Maybe not your dog) and place the finished balls onto the tray.

5. Flatten out the dough balls.

6. Now for the tricky-ish part. Roll the flattened pancake thing while stretching it out, so that by the time you’ve finished rolling its long and snakey. Wrap it around your four fingers and tuck the tail into the center. It should look like a cinnamon roll by the time you finish.

6. Once that’s done, flatten those suckers out again (but maybe one by one this time, there’s only so much counter space)

7. Heat up a frying pan with just a smidge of oil, so the dough doesn’t stick. Slap one of the flattened dough things into the pan

8. Dip a spoon into some oil and go around the edges of the dough so that you can ensure it’s not getting stuck to the sides

9. Once the underside is cooked (it kinda has brown spots when it’s cooked?), flip it! Flip it however you want, I really don’t think there’s a “best way to flip chapati” guide.

10. After flipping, drizzle olive oil onto the topside, and some salt, if you’re into that sort of thing.

When it’s done, add more salt (if ya wanna) and enjoy! (2)

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