Only a handful of updates so far, if I tell you everything it takes away my mystery and your intrigue, right?

The Catholic hostel we’re staying in is breathtaking. Despite my attempt to arrive with no expectations, I think it’s nearly impossible to avoid drawing from past experiences. While the village I’ve stayed in before is beautiful in its own way, the beauty of the school, the town, and the hostel is a beauty that allows no comparison. One of the other students said “I feel like I’m living in a postcard,” and that is definitely an accurate statement. The grass is a vibrant green teeming with life, the sky begins and ends the day shrouded in white and reveals the bluest of blues in the afternoons, and if you’re lucky, the clouds part just long enough to see Mount Kilimanjaro watching over the town.

The sun setting behind the water tower, which supplies me with the lovely cold shower I get to take every morning.
Mt. Kili peeking out from behind the clouds (look really close)
Mango trees on MWECAU’s farm. Also a Volkswagen Beetle, for some reason.

Each day begins with yoga on the balcony along with a few of my friends. (This statement is hilarious because I can’t even begin to touch my toes, so I can imagine how much of a confidence booster I must be to my yoga-fellows.) We’ve consistently woken up at 4AM despite breakfast being at 8:30AM because jet-lag is a booger to beat. We then walk to school past the children’s choir practicing at the Catholic Church, a man herding his cows across the road to the pasture, and a woman selling fresh fruits as her child plays in the mud. School has not yet begun and we’re still touring Mwenge Catholic University (or MWECAU, which is a much cooler acronym than UGA), so there’s mostly been lots of walking and lots of bemused stares from the locals. The days end with Nertz (which I am very worried I will soon be beaten at despite having been the only one who knew how to play before this trip) and a plate full of carbs and whites for dinner.

I am excited to see how Africa will grow me. Already I can see parts of me that need molding and maturing, and I believe these months will be life-changing (you’re so cheesy Emily yes yes I know I’m sorry). Oh, also, there are about 5 spiders that I know of currently in my room and I’m not killing them because I know they eat the other tiny bugs. So, yeah, growth, kabang.


P. S. I’m going to start another subsection in my blog called Travel Thoughts (if I can figure out how). It will basically be one sentence that I feel surmises the main event of my day. Hopefully. We’ll see how good at sentence writing I actually am.


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4 thoughts on “A FEW THINGS

  1. Thank you for cracking yet another glimpse into your trip! I think the word “few” hardly describes these things; they are many and grand. Also, those beetles just get everywhere: mango farms, Catholic hostiles, America in the 60s.

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