Oh, was I not typing that into the Google search bar? Because if I’m being real y’all,

I have no idea.
I cut all my hair off, that’s something people do to get ready for a big trip, right? No? Just me? Right. Well, I’ve made approximately 237 lists of things to buy, remember, pack, and do before taking off on Friday. So step one, Make Lists, done! And I’ve only changed suitcases 3 times so far on account of this disease I have called I-pack-for-myself-and-also-the-entire-plane-itus. So step two, Pack Only Necessities, done!

For those that haven’t been keeping super close tabs on my life (you guys call yourselves my friends but if you don’t know how I like my cereal how close are we really?), I applied for and got accepted to a program that is taking Swahili students to a university in Tanzania for two months. We’re meant to study Swahili in the classroom and learn about the Tanzanian culture outside of the classroom through community involvement and weekend home-stays.

Before you start thinking wow, Emily must be so amazing to get accepted to a program like this, only 3 people from UGA applied, so it was a “Yay you applied you’re in!” kind of deal. Not to downplay the trip of course, this is a once-in-a-lifetime type opportunity because the trip is almost fully funded, so this is probably the cheapest I’ll ever get to go to my favorite country in the world (Sorry America you’re probably like…#4) for an entire two months.

Did I say two months? As in sixty-something days? I don’t think I’ve ever been away from my mom or clean water for that long. And I still haven’t decided which of those is more important (yes I have, it’s my mommy hands down). So, buckle up, and thank you for deciding to take this first-ever journey with me! I can’t guarantee it will be insta-worthy and it probably won’t give you FOMO (fear of missing out for my abbreviatedly-challenged friends), but I’ll definitely make it worth the read with my #justemilythings and my strange yet hopefully endearing love for sidebars and parenthesis. Here’s to hoping I’ll have enough Wi-Fi to actually post while I’m in Africa!

Kwa heri ya kuonana!

(That means ‘goodbye and see you soon’…roughly)


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